June 18, 2012

One of my favorite shows on Broadway right now is Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Sadly, the production will be closing on June 24th and in honor of it’s glorious run at the Palace, I have a Playbill signed by the entire cast to give away to one lucky winner. Please thank the amazing Ellyn Marsh [@ellynmarsh] for getting it for us!

Since it’s such a great prize, you’re going to have to work for it. I have some Priscilla trivia questions for you to answer. Each question you get right, gets you one entry. The bonus question gets you an additional entry ONLY if you get both answers correct.

To enter:

– Email your answers including your twitter handle to bwaynews@gmail.com


– You must be following me @bwaynews

– Contest is open to anyone – not only US/Canada (yay!)

– Contest begins 6/18 and will run until 6/23 at 5pm eastern.

-Winner will be drawn and announced Sunday night to coincide with Priscilla’s final performance.

Ready? Here’s your questions!

1. Priscilla officially opened in Toronto on what date?

2. …and it played which theater in Toronto?

3. They make a pit stop on their way to Alice Springs and Felicia gets herself into some trouble. Name that dangerous town.

4. Name the actress that plays Cynthia in the film.

5. Will Swenson received his BFA from which school?

Bonus question:

Who designed the costumes for the Priscilla Broadway run?

Good luck!


2011 was a phenomenal year for Nick Adams. Priscilla took off and made Broadway fabulous, performing at the Tonys, tons of promotional tv appearances. Nick talks with @bwaynews about what’s in store for 2012 and his past year at the Palace.

Priscilla has had a pretty spectacular run so far. What are some of your favorite moments and experiences?

It’s been the most exciting process of my life. Originating a starring role on Broadway, appearing in Vanity Fair, performing on The View, The Today Show, The Rosie Show, The Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Tony Awards, recording our original cast album, riding in the Pride Parade, making the first PSA for “It Gets Better”, singing at and raising $20,000 for AIDS WALK New York, seeing my face on a billboard in Times Square, winning two Broadway.com Audience Choice Awards, receiving an Astaire Award nomination, being honored by the American Theatre Hall of Fame, and having the opportunity to work with my dear friends Will Swenson and Tony Sheldon every night.

Priscilla is such a fantastic, over the top show especially when it comes to costumes. What’s your favorite costume? Which is the hardest to perform in?

I love them all! It’s hard to pick just one, but I love the Broken Hill costume. It’s so iconic from the film and I remember putting it on in one of my first fittings and really feeling like Felicia. The hardest to perform in is probably the Gumby.

The bus itself is a major character in the show. I’m sure there’s tons of little trinkets on there that the audience doesn’t get to see. What’s some of your favorite pieces on the bus?

There is so much detail inside that bus. I love all of Adam’s Bettie Page comics on the bus & a little book of men in swim suits!

There’s always a bunch of celebs coming through the Palace, any of them get you star struck?

Yes. Hugh Jackman. Patti LaBelle. Shirley Maclaine. The list goes on…

You have definitely paid your dues and earned your success in Priscilla. What have you learned from your previous experiences in Chicago, Guys & Dolls and La Cage that you have applied to your work ethic now?

Every show has been such a unique experience for me. They all have challenged me in different ways and helped me grow as an actor and performer. Each one required something specific of me and collectively taught me something new.

Thinking ahead, what would you love to see on the horizon? Another Broadway show or a jump to more tv and film work?

I’d love to do more tv and film work.  

I’m sure Hollywood will love you but is the stage always something you’ll come back to?

I feel most at home on stage and I love what I do. I don’t think I could ever leave live theatre forever.

You recently filmed a guest role on NBC’s Smash. What else can we expect from you in 2012?

Yes. I had a wonderful time on Smash. I’m excited to see the episode. I think it’s going to be an incredible new series. Ill be sticking with Priscilla for a while, I just recorded with Dee Snider for his new album, and there is a potential project on the horizon that would take me out of NY for a while…

You have such a strong twitter presence. Do you think staying involved and interacting with your fans helps contribute to your success?

Absolutely. I think social media is an incredible way to engage fans, promote the show, increase exposure and stay connected. It’s an easy way to personally thank the fans of the show and let them know what I’m up to.

Tons of your fans have expressed desire for an album from you. Is that something you see yourself taking on at some point?

I would love the opportunity.

What’s your ultimate dream role?

I’m playing it! I always wanted to originate a role in a new show. Now my next dream role is something on screen.

Tell us something not many people know about you…

I had a pet Piranha named Mark when I was a kid.

Lastly, I asked my twitter followers to submit some questions for you and I picked 3 of them for you to answer:

@clerkin001 asked: Nick Adams is one of the most real and grounded performers. How does he manage to balance success with sincerity?

Thank you! I have been dedicated to my art since I was a child. I’ve never taken anything in my career for granted. I think if you meet each success with gratitude you will stay grounded and sincere. My situation has changed, but my mindset and heart haven’t.

@ryanghisetti wants to know what was the hardest challenge preparing for Priscilla?

Not allowing myself to be intimidated by the magnitude of the opportunity. I had to focus on the work of telling a story and enjoying myself.

 @broadwaygirl99 asked: Nick is always so busy with the show. What does he do to relax in any free time that he has?

 Not do crunches. Eat. Sleep. Play with my dog. See my family. Did I mention eat?


Catch Nick Adams starring as Felicia in Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Palace Theatre. Follow him on twitter at @thenickadams