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August 14, 2012

Theater has a way of striking a chord in us. Truly great theater leaves a lasting impression on our hearts and keeps us thinking about what we witnessed long after we go home. There are some shows that really stick with us and even change us. Some can have such an affect on us that we are compelled to declare our love permanently; to always have a piece of it be a part of us.

Tattoos are a major form of self-expression [but if you try to convince me that the multicolored butterfly above your ass is an expression of your freedom, I will laugh right in your face]. I asked my lovely twitter followers at @bwaynews to send me pictures of their tattoos and what it means to them, why they got it in the first place…

Addie shares her love for Wicked:

This is my wicked tattoo. I first saw the show in 2009 (saw it 3x that yr). The whole show holds a special place in my heart. Defy gravity means (to me) not having anyone hold you back, to not let people bring you down. To do what YOU feel like you need to do. To feel comfortable w yourself.





The next two are from Marg – both from Priscilla Queen of the Desert:

The first is the iconic symbol of Priscilla…the shoe. And underneath it is Nick Adams signature. I fell in love with Nick the first time I saw the show.  I live in Toronto and saw the show 6 times here..and then traveled to NY many times and ended up seeing the show 29 times. I went to the last show on Broadway and it was such an emotional weekend. 
Nick is the most talented Broadway performer I have ever seen and on top of that he is such a special and generous person.

The other tattoo is the silhouette of the 3 main characters on top of Ayers Rock…the completion of their journey to find love and tolerance. My brother and I watched the movie Priscilla a hundred times or more…it was “our” movie. When he passed away from AIDS a few years ago..I wanted a permanent tribute to him and to the show I love so much.

Kaci combined her love for two shows in one tattoo:
This is the tattoo I got about a year ago.  The music notes are Natalie’s part in Light “There will be light” from Next To Normal. I love the message that no matter how tough times get there will always be “light” And one of my biggest “lights” is Next to Normal. Also the music staff is left open because my journey has just began. I have seen N2n 25 times and followed the tour to 4 different cities. I connect on such a deep level that it almost becomes therapy to watch! Never thought a show could impact me so much!  Then above it I have Defy Gravity because sometimes we just have to trust our instincts and leap!  It reminds me that no matter what I control my own destiny.

Nathaly shares her drama masks:
I thought I’d share my theatre masks located on the back of my left wrist. Every time I look at them, they are a simple reminder that I need to continue striving for my goal of being a working actress, and eventually being on Broadway. The imperfections represent the hard work. The time that has passed working and trying to get where I want. I plan on retouching it when I get my first broadway show, symbolizing that I have reached a huge goal.

Sydney shows off her two theater tattoos:
I got this one from  In the Heights in Feb 2009 I believe, soon after it closed. I saw the show over 20 times and those words, Paciencia y Fe, always jumped out at me. My tat is a reminder when I start to lose patience OR faith!
No show has ever affected me more.

From RENT. Words to live by! I had part of another tat covered up, so it seemed like the perfect spot for those words 🙂

Matt & Karen

March 8, 2012

Not gonna lie – cute pictures, cute couple. Karen Olivo visits her husband Matt Caplan at Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

Photos by: Bruce Glikas for

I’ve had @bwaynews for about a year and a half now, thanks in large part to all of my fabulous twitter followers. When I started, I didn’t want to have that plain little Twitter egg so I did something really quick on Photoshop, put it up and forgot about it. I think it’s about time for a change!

I asked if any of my lovely followers were graphic-savvy and got a few volunteers. I didn’t really have many guidelines and I have to say, I love all three designs I was presented with! I hate making decisions so I need you all to vote on your favorite design and that person’s work will be my new Twitter/blog logo! All three designs are thumbnails so click to see the detail then cast your vote.

Design One

Design Two

Design Three


Voting closed! Winner announced on @bwaynews March 2nd.

Now that I have a blog, I can finally join in on the “end of the year list” madness. I’m not one of those people that make it a point to see every single show that debuts in a season. I think that’s silly and just…unrealistic. I see what I want to see and what seems interesting. Admittedly, there are a few things I regret missing out on this season (I’ll just assume Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide and The Lyons would be somewhere on this list). So, here we go. My 5 favorite shows of the year.

  • Born Yesterday

In which the world learns that Nina Arianda is a super star. I don’t know what it is about them but generally plays fail to entertain me. However, Born Yesterday was the exception. I was captivated from the minute that curtain went up. Jim Belushi was surprisingly commanding. Funny guy, strong actor. Robert Sean Leonard was the quiet, gallant hero. But the one who stole the show was Nina Arianda. She filled that stage with her larger than life personality, her flawless delivery and gorgeous good looks. She has since gone on to take Broadway by storm in Venus In Fur.

  • Sleep No More

I don’t even know what to say about Sleep No More, it’s just something you need to experience for yourself. It’s theater like you’ve never seen. It’s a snooper’s dream – feel free to go through any drawer, follow an actor down any dark hallway. This is the kind of show where you need to actively participate. Explore. Be curious. “Fortune favors the bold”.

  • Peter & The Starcatcher

I caught this show 3 times off-Broadway at NYTW. “Peter” is a prequel story to Peter Pan – you learn how Peter the orphan becomes the famous Peter Pan, how Neverland came to be and how Peter meets Molly. The show is pure genius and magic. Every single cast member was outstanding. The show is so imaginative that in a bare minimum set, most scenes are being created by cast members themselves. Christian Borle was beyond spectacular as Black Stache, I felt like I was getting a great ab workout from all the laughing I did. Celia Keenan-Bolger plays a whimsical Molly who befriends Peter and let’s just say when they have to say goodbye, there isn’t a dry eye in the house. And just a warning, Adam Chanler-Berat will absolutely break your heart as Peter. Peter & The Starcatcher is aiming for Broadway this Spring. I think what worked so well for the show was that it was housed in NYTW. It needs that small, intimate space for it to work and to keep that magic. I worry how it will translate to a big theater. I feel like I saw something truly special at NYTW and I’m so glad more people will get a chance to see the show next year.

  • Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with this show, it’s my guilty pleasure. I have seen 2 versions of this show – the Julie Taymor version and the finalized version. While Taymor’s wasn’t bad, version 2.0 is fantastic. The thing about this show is people are SO quick to judge. Some people say it has no place on Broadway, which is ridiculous, art is art. [in my opinion there are other shows out right now that don’t belong on Broadway but I won’t go there]. Yes this show had its problems, but a lot of shows do. Since Taymor was at the helm and a lot of money was on the line, their problems were more publicized and exaggerated. Everyone is entitled to their opinion which I understand but don’t judge if you haven’t actually seen the show in question. I love this show and will defend it all day. Now, I’ll get off my soapbox and actually discuss the show. … Spider-Man TOTD is this world of comic books, superheros, villians and love. The first time I ever saw Spidey fly, I felt like I was 5 years old again, it was just the coolest thing to me. Patrick Page is practically nightmare inducing – he deserves tons of praise for his performance. The costumes and the set are visually stunning. The flying stunts-amazing. The music gets stuck in my head for days. The show is epic; it’s about power, personal strength and the struggle of becoming who you were meant to be. Go see the show for the spectacle. It’s something you can go into and just have a great time. Know absolutely nothing about Spider-Man or comics? That’s okay – neither did I, you’ll be just fine.

  • Priscilla Queen Of The Desert

Sequins, glitter and feather boas, oh my! What is there to say about this show? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen it this year, I’m absolutely obsessed. The great thing about it is no matter how bad your day has been it will instantly turn around the second that disco ball comes down. Any time I need a dose of fabulous, I head to the Palace. Another super talented cast with actors in multiple tracks. As for the 3 leads: Tony Sheldon is absolutely incredible as Bernadette. His delivery of one-liners is impeccable. He should have won that Tony. Will Swenson has grown more confident and more fantastic in his role as Tick each time I’ve gone. When he starts “True Colors”, it will break your heart and you can hear the sniffling all around the theater. Nick Adams is the clear standout in the cast . You will never see him marking it, it’s full out, 100% of the time. His body is perfection, his voice will give you chills (see, “Like A Prayer”) and his performance is phenomenal. I’ve brought a few non-theater friends to this show and they’ve all had a fantastic time! You’ll never know if it’s me you’re sitting next to in the front row lotto seats ; )

So there you have it. Tweet me at @bwaynews and tell me what your top 5 of the year are!

Your next Pierrepont Finch…

December 20, 2011

Daniel Radcliffe will be leaving How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying on January 1st. Following in his Pierrepont Finch footsteps will be Glee star Darren Criss joining the cast on January 3rd for a short run. Nick Jonas will take over January 24th. The show has released their posters featuring your new leading men.

Darren Criss

Nick Jonas

Prize Pack Giveaway!

December 10, 2011

As you all know, I love doing contests on @bwaynews! As promised, here is the info for the 2,500 followers contest. You can win the stuff in the photo above plus one or two more little extras.


-You must be following me on twitter @bwaynews

-This contest is open to everyone regardless of location! (Yes, I know, very exciting! Please understand it will not always be this way and it varies per contest. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to send prizes all over the world.)

-Limited to one RT per person, per day. I write each twitter handle down myself. You can RT 20 times if you want but it will only count once.

The contest begins today, 12/10 and will run for one week, until 12/17.

To enter:

Each day on twitter I will post a tweet for you to RT. I will tweet it at different times each day to keep you on your toes.

Good luck!

Well hello my lovely twitter followers and friends. Surprise! 🙂

My dear friend Alex has been encouraging me to do this for a while now, I figured I should give it a shot!

I started @bwaynews as a little summer hobby in June 2010. I take pride in how successful it became while my only platform has been twitter. The 140 character limit is a challenge sometimes and I wanted a way to express more, share more and reach more Broadway fans. So, here I sit, staring at my own blog. It feels weird to be able to write so much!

What you can expect… show reviews, theater thoughts, contests – basically everything on my twitter, but more in depth. Please continue to follow @bwaynews on twitter for all your news! Understand this blog is not replacing my twitter, rather it’s an extension of it. On occasion, some stories on twitter may be linked to this blog; my twitter will still be my #1 location for all your needs.

Thank you to all of my followers who have supported me. Thanks to Alex for the inspiration and shove. Thanks to my theater friends for making my life as amazing as it is. xoxo