Theater Ink

August 14, 2012

Theater has a way of striking a chord in us. Truly great theater leaves a lasting impression on our hearts and keeps us thinking about what we witnessed long after we go home. There are some shows that really stick with us and even change us. Some can have such an affect on us that we are compelled to declare our love permanently; to always have a piece of it be a part of us.

Tattoos are a major form of self-expression [but if you try to convince me that the multicolored butterfly above your ass is an expression of your freedom, I will laugh right in your face]. I asked my lovely twitter followers at @bwaynews to send me pictures of their tattoos and what it means to them, why they got it in the first place…

Addie shares her love for Wicked:

This is my wicked tattoo. I first saw the show in 2009 (saw it 3x that yr). The whole show holds a special place in my heart. Defy gravity means (to me) not having anyone hold you back, to not let people bring you down. To do what YOU feel like you need to do. To feel comfortable w yourself.





The next two are from Marg – both from Priscilla Queen of the Desert:

The first is the iconic symbol of Priscilla…the shoe. And underneath it is Nick Adams signature. I fell in love with Nick the first time I saw the show.  I live in Toronto and saw the show 6 times here..and then traveled to NY many times and ended up seeing the show 29 times. I went to the last show on Broadway and it was such an emotional weekend. 
Nick is the most talented Broadway performer I have ever seen and on top of that he is such a special and generous person.

The other tattoo is the silhouette of the 3 main characters on top of Ayers Rock…the completion of their journey to find love and tolerance. My brother and I watched the movie Priscilla a hundred times or more…it was “our” movie. When he passed away from AIDS a few years ago..I wanted a permanent tribute to him and to the show I love so much.

Kaci combined her love for two shows in one tattoo:
This is the tattoo I got about a year ago.  The music notes are Natalie’s part in Light “There will be light” from Next To Normal. I love the message that no matter how tough times get there will always be “light” And one of my biggest “lights” is Next to Normal. Also the music staff is left open because my journey has just began. I have seen N2n 25 times and followed the tour to 4 different cities. I connect on such a deep level that it almost becomes therapy to watch! Never thought a show could impact me so much!  Then above it I have Defy Gravity because sometimes we just have to trust our instincts and leap!  It reminds me that no matter what I control my own destiny.

Nathaly shares her drama masks:
I thought I’d share my theatre masks located on the back of my left wrist. Every time I look at them, they are a simple reminder that I need to continue striving for my goal of being a working actress, and eventually being on Broadway. The imperfections represent the hard work. The time that has passed working and trying to get where I want. I plan on retouching it when I get my first broadway show, symbolizing that I have reached a huge goal.

Sydney shows off her two theater tattoos:
I got this one from  In the Heights in Feb 2009 I believe, soon after it closed. I saw the show over 20 times and those words, Paciencia y Fe, always jumped out at me. My tat is a reminder when I start to lose patience OR faith!
No show has ever affected me more.

From RENT. Words to live by! I had part of another tat covered up, so it seemed like the perfect spot for those words 🙂

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