June 18, 2012

One of my favorite shows on Broadway right now is Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Sadly, the production will be closing on June 24th and in honor of it’s glorious run at the Palace, I have a Playbill signed by the entire cast to give away to one lucky winner. Please thank the amazing Ellyn Marsh [@ellynmarsh] for getting it for us!

Since it’s such a great prize, you’re going to have to work for it. I have some Priscilla trivia questions for you to answer. Each question you get right, gets you one entry. The bonus question gets you an additional entry ONLY if you get both answers correct.

To enter:

– Email your answers including your twitter handle to bwaynews@gmail.com


– You must be following me @bwaynews

– Contest is open to anyone – not only US/Canada (yay!)

– Contest begins 6/18 and will run until 6/23 at 5pm eastern.

-Winner will be drawn and announced Sunday night to coincide with Priscilla’s final performance.

Ready? Here’s your questions!

1. Priscilla officially opened in Toronto on what date?

2. …and it played which theater in Toronto?

3. They make a pit stop on their way to Alice Springs and Felicia gets herself into some trouble. Name that dangerous town.

4. Name the actress that plays Cynthia in the film.

5. Will Swenson received his BFA from which school?

Bonus question:

Who designed the costumes for the Priscilla Broadway run?

Good luck!


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