Spotlight: @bwaybites Part 2!

February 1, 2012

You may have noticed on my Twitter that I have so much love for the @bwaybites guys. How could I not? Gorgeous Broadway boys that blog about food? Sold. I had sent them a ton of questions and they have been kind enough to work with me to do these interviews. Stay tuned for more of their responses in the future and be sure to look into some of their culinary recommendations!

What’s your background in regards to food and family?

Adam: My parents were busy but health conscious, so family meals were usually quick and convenient but nutritional…which let’s face it, isn’t usually a winning combo.  But it inspired my brothers and I to fantasize about a life where we could eat like kings, so we would come home from school and plop down on the couch and watch food shows, cooking shows when it wasn’t yet cool to watch food television.  I need to throw my Mom a bone here; when she had the time, she would turn out a killer recipe.   Holidays were and are very tasty and boozy evenings.  Birthday’s she would cook our favorite dish.  To this day she says, ‘I love to cook, when I’ve got the time to be creative.’  I hear you, Mom.

Andy:  I grew up in a Cuban Household and it was seven of us.  My grandfather who was from Spain did all the cooking.  It was mandatory that we all sat at the table for dinner which were full course meals.  It’s one of the things that I miss most from my childhood.  I never knew how special and fortunate I was until recently.  If I could go back in time it would be to one of those evenings.

Matt:   I have brothers and sisters, but they are all much older than me, so I grew up like an only-child.  My family is Southern and stereotypically not health conscious.  Snacking was a horrible habit, but I developed an insatiable appetite.  The meals, however unhealthy, were well balanced and delicious.  My personal favorites include my mother’s tomato Alfredo pasta with Italian sausage, her cauliflower mash, her pork chops topped with a blue cheese gravy, and her blue cheese meatloaf.  Can you tell I we both like blue cheese?

We’re lucky enough to live in NYC where you can find pretty much any kind of food you could want.  So, where would you go for… your favorite meal?

Adam:  Belgian Mussels and Frites at Markt in Chelsea (not to be confused with Chelsea Market)

Andy:  My favorite meal would have to be the Pollo Mirador at Cafe Habana.  It’s a creamy garlic chicken that comes with yellow rice and red beans.  Of course I would get the Mexican Corn to start off.  It’s not the fanciest of foods in NYC, but there’s something about the dish and the ambiance that reminds me of home.  It’s soul satisfying.

Matt:   The chicken and lamb combo from The Halal Guys 53rd and 6th Food Truck.  I’ve been lucky enough to share this with the boys of Broadway Bites.  I’m sure we’ll go again and share the magic with all of y’all.

What’s… a meal that reminds you of home?

Adam:  Bagged salad.  Sorry Mom.  (Can’t get that anywhere but a grocery store.)

Andy:  For something that would take me even further home I would go to Cubana Social in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and have the Picadillo with white rice and black beans, oh and sweet plantains of course! That would be my last meal before I died!

Matt:   Amy Ruth’s in Harlem for the Mac ‘n Cheese.  It is by far and away the most similar version to my Mama’s.  So, whenever I’m craving it but I’m not cooking for a large amount of people (It can only be made in bulk.), I go there.  And no, I’m still not giving away that recipe.

…your favorite after-show bite?

Adam: Pizza, preferably homemade.

Andy:  Back in the Rent Broadway days at the Nederlander I always craved a cheeseburger, and not much has changed. My current favorite is the burger at Corner Bistro. I salivate as I think of it.

Matt:   Please accept my apologies for doubling up, but I’m gonna have to go with Halal for the win again!  I have also been known to frequent 5 Napkin Burger after many a show to satisfy my burger craving which is probably my favorite food on earth.  I think I’m craving one right now!

…your favorite snack?

Adam: The Trail Mix from Westerly Market.  Hmm…I’m beginning to notice a grocery store theme here.

Andy:  Definitely the Country Pate on Toast from Blue Ribbon Bakery around the corner from my house in the West Village. They place two beautiful slices of pate on toast with dijon mustard, sea salt, drizzled olive oil, and diced cornichons. It’s heaven.

Matt:   This might sound a bit strange, but my favorite snack is coffee.  Addict alert!  Check out the latest Coffee Talk to find out where I go for the very best in the city.

You all seem to be pretty adventurous in your dining experiences; what’s the most unique thing you’ve ever tasted?

Adam: I’m afraid of answering this question for fear of sounding forever lame. I’d have to say fried chicken gizzards from this awesome, unexpectedly authentic Japanese pub in midtown called Sake Bar Hagi on 49th St. between 6th and 7th Ave.

Andy:  Turtle Soup.  Yes, you heard correctly, Turtle Soup. I had it in Hong Kong when I was touring with the Asian Tour of RENT. It was gelatinous, black, and awful. The next day I had Snake Soup which actually wasn’t that bad. Reptiles in food however are not my thing. Oh, I also had donkey that same week. We were told what it was after we had been eating it for a while. That’s a whole other story….

Matt:   When it comes to reptiles: alligator; sushi: Uni (sea urchin); and I can safely say I’ve tasted pretty much every unique thing that Korean BBQ has to offer.  Tripe anyone?

Be sure to follow them on twitter @bwaybites (@ChandelierBeret @shishigabor @andysenorjr) and check out!

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