Spotlight: Spidey star Brandon Rubendall

January 10, 2012

The time has come for BwayNews to start tackling the interview world! Obviously, my first choice was Mr. Brandon Rubendall – currently starring in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark until Sunday January 15th. Those that have had the pleasure of meeting Brandon would, I’m sure, agree that he’s by far the sweetest, most positive guy. His smile is contagious. His hair is fierce. His dance moves are fabulous. (And obviously he’s easy on the eyes). Check him out rocking Spidey this week, then catch him aboard the S.S. American at Anything Goes!

What inspired you to be an actor and dancer?

Music. That is easy. My mom played the best music growing up. Oldies 98.1 was always on the dial and I knew every song. That and her Disco/Motown records from when she was a kid. How could you not wanna dance to that music?? Even now, when I hear an amazing song with good beats, I just have to dance to it!

What do you think makes you stand out? Do you have any special skills listed on your resume?

 I would say my height, but anyone who knows me would probably say my VERY loud laugh. Although I sometimes get stopped on the street because people recognize me by my long flowing locks… lol as for special skills, well… I can fly now:-)

Tell us about Spidey! Actors in Spidey have to multi-task so what are your roles?

Most people know me as Dr. Connors/The Lizard. I also can be seen as my high school altar ego, Chad Realness , in Dr. O’s Lab scene. I enjoy playing Chad because he “keeps it real.” hmm what else… I’m one of Peter’s bedroom walls, I puppeteer Chris Tierny’s legs, I’m a soldier, I liiiiive in a dance club scene and of course, a Spidey Flyer 😀 Then there’s my understudy duties….

Spidey was your Broadway debut – what was your first performance like?

My first performance was so many things. On one hand, I wasn’t sure if I would ever see it. Rehearsals were very long, then the tech process took even longer, and then we pushed our first preview back. We finally got to Nov. 28th, and still hadn’t run the show full. EVER. So I was nervous. But when the Burning Building music started and the iris lifted to show our reveal, I literally stared crying. I was so proud of all the hard work I put in, not just with the show, but in life. I was performing on a Broadway stage for my first audience ever. I watched the Brooklyn Bridge rise and then Spidey started running with that amazing swell of music. I knew in my heart I was a part of something very special. The world just felt so right at that moment. Then the show turned into 4.5 hours. But we did it. We put on a Broadway show… and finished.  🙂

What’s your favorite number in the show as a whole, and what is your favorite number you’re a part of?

Favorite number as a whole? Easy. Pull The Trigger. Its hard, but its very fun. as for number I’m a part of… My flying in NY Debut, of course. Some people don’t know it, but I’m the very first Spider-Man in the show. When that guitar begins and the floor starts rising to reveal the costume for the first time, the feeling you get from hearing the audience go crazy is just wild.  And then you take off flipping, almost landing on the front row. The looks on people’s faces are just priceless. Its the first time they see Spidey fly, and then it looks like he’s about to land on you. It’s a very cool moment in the show and I love love love it. I also get to swing across and web the gangsters which is fun. Although, there was about two weeks that I missed them more often than not. lol

What can you share with us about your next project?

Well I’m about to start my final week at Spidey. My last day is Jan 15th. On jan 17th you can catch me in my new show Anything Goes!!!!! Also, I would like to tell you exclusively that I recently filmed a secret music video for one of the Biggest Female Pop Stars of all time. I cant say who until the video is released, but I can say its the video for the first single off HER new album. And this person may or may not be debuting the single during the halftime show of a MAJOR sporting event coming up… possibly on a Sunday 😉

Tell us something not many people know about you…

Im a BIG NERD!!!!!!! I asked santa for some kind of toy that hovers or could fly because I saw an infomercial for a hover craft that was in the shape of Hans Solo’s ship. I got something better…

If you could join the cast of any show (currently running or not) which would that be?

Well I guess it would be Anything Goes:-) lol Don’t forget you can catch me there starting Jan 17th!! lol

Favorite twitters you follow? (theater and non-theater related)

Well when I’m not reading @Bwaynews 😉 I love @funnypics & @OMGfacts. What can I say? I love news about broadway, funny pictures and facts 🙂

Thank you SO much Brandon! I can’t wait to see you tap your heart out in Anything Goes! Be sure to follow his twitter @brubendall.


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