In which “Bonnie & Clyde” faces a premature fate…

December 18, 2011

Frank Wildhorn deserves a fighting chance. Push Wonderland out of the picture for a moment and take in Bonnie & Clyde with an open mind. The show is full of musical gems, gorgeous solos, brilliant performances and beautiful orchestrations.

Laura Osnes delivers a spectacular performance as Bonnie Parker – a girl from a quiet town in Texas who wanted to be famous and adored. Osnes has a voice that is so flawless it could break your heart, especially in “Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad”. My personal favorite? “How Bout A Dance” – just beautiful. She’s a superstar.

Jeremy Jordan tackles Clyde Barrow with power and authority. He oozes confidence and cockiness and has that charm that would make anyone weak at the knees. “Raise A Little Hell” is reminiscent of his days as a rocker in Rock Of Ages – loud, aggressive and commanding.

The standouts in the cast for me are Claybourne Elder and Melissa Van Der Schyff. Having played Buck and Blanche Barrow since the La Jolla run, you can tell the relationship they have on stage is rooted in a deep friendship and they play off each other so well. “You’re Goin’ Back To Jail” has to be one of my favorite numbers in the show.

The entire ensemble is impressive from Louis Hobson as Ted to Tad Wilson as Frank Hamer to the actors playing the younger versions of Bonnie and Clyde, Kelsey Fowler and Talon Ackerman.

Was the show perfect? Nope. Does it deserve this sudden close? Absolutely not. There are some major stand out performances in this show combined with an amazing score. A lot of times, shows close because people assume it will always be there and they don’t rush to buy tickets. No people in seats forces shows to have a short life. Do yourself a favor and catch Bonnie & Clyde before the show closes December 30th.


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